Giving time-starved busy Moms the tools to develop mindful yoga practices and healthy food habits,one day at a time.


You’re the star of the show

Irreplaceable and incomparable- You are enough.



Your fate is created by every choice you make

Life is either happening to you by chance or you are consciously leading the life you love. Whatever choices you're making, there are times when you feel that your life is overburdened with stress, anxiety, and the pressure of  constant race for time. So look no further, there are some hidden secrets of food and lifestyle which (if you choose to use them!), will become handy tools to enjoy who you are as well as create a healthy, balanced, and peaceful lifestyle for you and your family 

Together, we will blend ancient food and yogic wisdom with modern lifestyles.

Free yourself from this heedless race of time,  and turn every moment into an opportunity to practice and design a life you Love.  

Roma focuses on designing a holistic lifestyle for moms who are trying to make a difference.  You are the powerhouse, and my focus is to make sure your spirit is fed well. If you are burned out, so is your family and their well-being. Taking care of your mental, physical, and spiritual needs is my main goal. It’s time  to create a movement, to awaken, and rise above the mediocrity of life. Digital distractions add complexity to life, so let’s simplify our lifestyles by  reviving the “dying art of cooking” and blending ancient yogic wisdom into modern lifestyles.

My Mission

My mission is to inspire time-starved moms to instill the art of self-love, to help gain confidence and clarity to lead from within, and to keep challenging the status quo by being curious and gritty. I want them to live every moment of life with intention and purpose.


is a need.


is a must.



Pause. Reset. Recharge. Ready to dive deep within yourself?

here's how we can work together


In the kitchen

creative cooking and meal planning


ON the mat

hatha yoga + meditation practices


mind + body

mindful movement + nourishment fusions

to see with open eyes is to dream,
  but to see with closed eyes
inwards is to actually awaken.


Nice to meet you! I’m Roma Bajaj Kohli a certified yoga teacher and fusion food enthusiast. I teach creative life skills to busy moms and their families in a kinesthetic way. My favorite place to hangout is on the yoga mat and my comfort food is my grandma's 'Churi' (whole wheat flour tortilla with loads of homemade ghee and jaggery). My purpose is to help you dive deep within yourself and leave behind a legacy of sorts...
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