Are you looking for an about me page?  It’s here, & I am so glad you are here. We all have a story and this one begins with 'why'?


MY WHY inspire busy mom to live a healthy, energized and a holistic life; to inspire your best dreams and desires and to help you ignite passion and creativity; to be curious, to learn, to unlearn, to live a little more, love a little more, and appreciate a little more...While you may be busy nurturing and raising another generation, I want to focus on you because you’re the one to watch for!

You are the one who's been idolized the most. Your kids and your spouse thrive on your energy and vibe. You strengthen and build communities. You are the REAL SUPERHERO!

My culinary journey started in London U.K. and ventures through Paris, Italy and Switzerland, before settling into a nice New Jersey suburban home in 2016, complete with two children and a PTO volunteer card!  

After my marriage in 2007, when we moved to London I routinely felt homesick and craved the food my mother used to prepare back home in India. My mother, a culinary arts teacher, shared with me a few fusion recipes that combined the best of the west and the east and soon I was experimenting with recipes using local ingredients on my own. My husband’s job gave me an opportunity to travel and live across various countries in Europe and finally migrating to the United States in 2012. As a first-generation Indian immigrants, it was very important for both me and my husband to set an example for our children that America is indeed a land of opportunities and you can achieve your dreams if you worked really hard for it! So we decided to call this country our home and I started my catering business in 20 13, as I always had a very strong desire to run a business that was focused on food and and healthy cooking  I was dishing out everything from appetizers to desserts for small to medium sized parties (and successfully winning the hearts of my clients!). 

Soon, though, the strain and pressure of raising two young children with a husband (who worked around the clock!) took its toll. I spent a lot of time delving into the what would be next and why-- exploring the fears, and the uncertainties.  I had to look for the answers, and they didn’t come easily. At that time, I won a scholarship for a yoga teacher training course, and that’s when I felt I started to heed to my inner calling.  I was no longer “suffocating”, and I discovered my true purpose was in helping others. The exposure to many diverse international cultures provided the impetus to create a course on the art of fusion, and fueled the desire to meld the teachings of yoga, food, and spirituality into a program that would also enlighten others.   

With the help of my mother we created our unique fusion recipes. They are a ‘mother’s recipes for her daughter’ which allowed me to design a very easy, healthy, highly nutritious, organic life for myself and my family. I learned about physiology and the anatomy of the body, which helped me sync my mind, body and soul through yoga. My skin started to lighten up as the stress slipped away and Prana (energy) struck me like lightning. I was finally breathing life into every cell of my body again.  As I unlearned my old ways, I adapted to blend our consumption and mindful movements into new ways of living a healthier, peaceful life. Yoga became my telescope to see all distant visions very clearly and closely.

Food, love, + yoga helped me discover the answers--to reconnect, rise and shine.

The divine light and sacredness within me was unknown to me until I adapted this holistic life approach of How, What, and When. This made me realize that if I was able to do it myself, I could help others reset, recharge and revitalize!


Why me?

I’m a WOMAN who is on a mission... with an apron and yoga pants.


How I move?
On my mat- Hatha Yoga, Pranayama + Meditation

What I move?
I move my inner vision. I see with my eyes closed

When I move?
At dawn, when a new sunlight refreshes my spirit

How I eat?
In peace with my family concentrating solely on my food.

What I eat?
I eat what I cook, exactly what my mother and grandmother used to feed me.

When I eat?
I eat when I’m hungry, not when I am angry or stressed.


In your professional and personal life, you are the star of the show.  You play so many roles in a day, but which one is the real you?   Is difficult to learn what is best for your family and yourself without taking the time to connect with yourself and pay attention to your mind, body and spirit.  Yes, this sounds like a time-consuming, daunting task, yet mastering it is critical to the well-being of yourself and your family.

After all, the kitchen is where the heart is.  If yoga heals the body then food satisfies the heart.   As a certified yoga instructor and fusion food enthusiast who teaches you how to grow/shop, cook, and eat mindfully, I am uniquely qualified to help you on this liberating yoga & food journey and show you how to heal, cure, and energize your soul.

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