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The creative fusion cooking workshops are fun, kinesthetic and a social way of learning to cook quick, healthy, nutritious meals.

Each workshop has a different focus that presents 4-5 recipes we’ll prepare together. You’ll leave educated and inspired with the tools necessary to create your own healthy recipes and meal plans.

We'll discuss mindful eating habits that best suit your lifestyle, so you can learn to listen to your body. During the workshop, we'll discuss the importance of preparing a family table along with fun activities for family dinners. Workshops can be held right in your kitchen with your friends.  Not feeling inspired by your kitchen?  No worries!  We can meet at another location that best suits your group’s particular needs.  

Make it even more special: You and your group of friends can customize any of the workshops below to learn how to cook your favorite dishes, learn about new ingredients, cooking trends, and cuisines.  

The ultimate goal of my creative cooking workshops are to leave you empowered and inspired to cook creatively for and with your loved ones!

Food of the Gods:  Food that is produced, sold, brought, and cooked in the most natural and genuine way, and is further infused with love and great compassion for the receiver

current kitchen workshops

bountiful brunches   |   dinner delights   |   blend + juice boost   |   strategic snacking

just for the little ones

petit chef parties


bountiful Brunches

quick recipes, meal power planning

This hands-on, creative fusion cooking workshop is designed to keep you well-nourished, energized, and give you, your superhuman powers!  Designed to get you in control so that you can do it all while you are on the go--be the star of the show--at work, at home, and around town helping your community thrive.  Your health and well-being is critical.  Learn some great protein, iron, calcium, and multivitamin fusion recipes.



Dinner delights

quick recipes, family focused

Stop judging yourself every time you order in.  In this hands-on cooking workshop you will learn how to manage the dinner mayhem so that your family will forget what chicken nuggets were! Learn some quick, easy nutritious dinner recipes that will leave you empowered and inspired each time you open the refrigerator.  Cooking your own dinner is the best way to unwind and release the day’s stress and tension and ward off emotional eating or poor nutritional habits.  Surprise:  you do not have to spend a crazy amount of time in the kitchen!  And while there are no shortcuts in life, there are smarter ways to prep and cook, without compromising on the nutritional value of the food.


blend + juice boost

meal power planning, quick recipes

 “Aaaaaaahhhhh….coffee….”  Is that your go to drink?  There are healthier alternatives to our daily coffee or tea fix, with its inherent caffeine drip.  This creative juicing/blending workshop will show you some amazing fusion recipes for drinks that increase energy, vitality, and longevity, with ingredients like raw ginger and raw turmeric roots. Our fusion drinks are the amalgamation of the best, wholesome, and healthy ingredients from all over the world.



strategic Snacking

meal power planning

Snacking:  the bane of our existence.  Most weight gain is from calories consumed between 3:00pm – 5:00pm when it is a challenge to turn our back on pre-packaged food.  If you can’t bear to face another apple or banana, then this workshop is for you.  Come learn some creative, healthy recipes and options that will keep the double-stuffeds at bay.



your investment (in yourself)

Starting at $60 per person
Time 2-3 hours

the kitchen

TBD on booking, or (better) get your tribe + i together at your home for a fun event!


petit chef Parties

We offer a selection of parties  for mini adults, whether it is an afternoon get-together or an overnight slumber party.  Either way, these parties offer a unique, creative, educational, fun, and challenging way for you and your guests to stay engaged.

As you set examples for your children, the best way for them to develop a healthy lifestyle is to create an idolizing  environment for them to mimic.  Allow them to be inspired by your actions as you create the food lovers of the future. Having a healthy, cooking  party is a fun way to introduce your kids to life long skills.

Has your child dreamed of being a chef?  A great host?  A reality-cooking show star?  Give them the chance for a farm to table experience!

Two weeks before the party we will design a menu based on your theme and with all your favorite dishes. You can choose to shop the groceries yourself or we can do that for you.  Menu cards, recipes with simple, easy-to-follow instructions will be in a recipe folder for you to keep for future use.  On “the Big day” we will meet three hours before the party to cook and plate together “The Birthday Feast” and to set the table.
Bonus: Customized name tags and/or menu cards for each guest, based on your seating chart.



the real truth about kids in the kitchen

Kids are picky eaters with a restricted palate
The more kids control the food preparation the more they are likely to enjoy the food and ultimately eat better.

Hard to stay focused and committed to a task for long
Kids love to be in charge and in control of things. The more control they have the more committed they will be to finish a task.

Mess!! The number of dishes in the sink and Clean up!      
it’s okay, once in a while to let them be kids and learn while making a mess. It’s actually more fun that way!  



your Investment(in your little chef)

Starts at $500, depending on the size of the party (kids ages 7+)

Learn how to cook— try new recipes,
  learn from your mistakes,
be fearless and above all ... have fun
— Julia Child