Date your Meals- Fall in love + Romance them

Enjoy the feeling of ‘Hunger’. According to ancient yogic scriptures hunger means you are not just alive, but you are also very successful.


Embrace this feeling and need to eat, grow + prosper. Hunger is a very positive feeling don’t fill it up with guilt, anger or frustration.

Even before you decide what you will eat stop counting the number calories you will consume, and how much weight you will gain.Because let’s get real dead people don’t feel hungry. So remember hunger is good, be grateful for it as you are alive and seeking growth embrace and reward your hunger. I say call your stomach and ask what it needs and how much? Nope I haven’t lost my mind. In fact it’s time we started honouring and really listening to our body, and in return it will reward us by answering what it wants. I really wish if dieticians taught us how to count and stabilize our emotions versus counting our calorie intake and starving us. Let me tell you a true story; I was serving food one day at my yoga training to my teachers and fellow trainees. My teacher stands in front of to take a second serving of white rice and Lentils I fill the serving spoon to the brim and was about to pour it all in his plate, when he says wait and pauses for few moments.... as if he was mentally dialling a phone to his stomach and questioning ‘the stomach’ how much more hungry it was and how much more food it wanted? I was awestruck I couldn’t believe what was happening. He asked me to reduce the food from the spoon by 1/3 rd he even adjusted how much more lentils he wanted over it.
I was so intrigued by this that I couldn’t stop myself from speaking to him about this internal dialogue and this what he said; ‘My biggest Diet Guru (educator) is my stomach!’ Really that was pretty much what he said. Think about it if you truly connect so deeply with our body and mind then who needs those diet plans which starve you. How can our mind and body connect with names and foods we have never eaten or heard of? So now you are probably going to ask me how I can do this. How can I connect with my body parts and really communicate and listen to what they need? It’s an amalgamation of the ancient wisdom with modern science.

Its really simple but may not be easy. Let me assure you it’s achievable with daily practice.

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Hunger is the physical need of the body for food. When we are just plain hungry, not starving, not tensed, not stressed, or no other kind of emotion dominating our mind. We eat just how much we need to, and are usually full very quickly and in a very little amount of food. This happened because you honoured/ listened to your hunger; the physical need of the body to eat and not the psychological need. So the bodies/ stomach rewards you by producing the digestive fires (called Agni) which immediately breaks down the food and converts into energy.

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Emotional Isolation:

It doesn’t mean eat alone away from your loved ones. It means eat with by isolating from your mind. Don’t let anything that has happened in the past or happening in the moment affect your time with your food. Eat by secluding your thoughts and if the mind tends to wonder keep bringing it back to think about the food, how it is made, where did it come from and how will it help you stay healthy and energized.

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Date your food:

It’s really like going on a date with your meal. Think of nothing else but love towards whatever you have on your plate. Romance your food there is no need to worry about the calories or the fat in it. Worry is an emotion and we should eliminate it or else we can’t enjoy and relish our meal. And the date won’t be a memorable one then. The more you fall in love with your food the more it starts benefiting you.

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Be present:

No talking, It’s not a punishment trust me. This is probably the hardest of all especially if like my family that is the only meal of the day you have together. No watching TV, gazing at the laptop screen, or phone while eating. If you eat at your desk at work I recommend going into the lunch area or sitting in front of a window away from colleagues who can’t stop yapping about work. You should be in one with your food so that you can listen to your stomach when it prompts enough. Imagine if your partner keeps distracting you when you are busy having an intimate moment with them.

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Take your time:

Imagine rushing yourself into an orgasm. Would you ever do that? Even the thought of it sounds weird. So if you date and love your food then give your body and food the time they need to explore each other, to receive maximum benefit from this engagement. Avoid even preparing another bite in your fork or spoon until you have completely chewed and finished the bite in your mouth. Also keep yourself hydrated always sit down to eat with a glass of water and consume in between your meals as and when needed.

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Make a mental meal plan:

Visualize in your mind how much you want to eat now and then serve yourself half of that. Repeat the same steps for second serving as well. This is a great practice to train your mind to start listening to your stomach and understand exactly how much it needs.

I’m not going to put stats down of how much weight you will loose if you learn these mindful tips. It doesn’t matter. What matters is first we understand what our body is asking for, be in sync with your body requirements and carefully listen to your ‘Diet Guru’ weight loss happens organically. It’s not something you need to worry, stress, or feel guilty about. Where you are right now what ever you have right now is the best you can be. All you have to do keep learning and evolving along the way by having an open mind which honours your body.

In order to avoid feeling overwhelmed try practising one of these tips a week if you can master one then add one more every week until you have mastered them all.