Revive the dying art of cooking.

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Without question, your struggle and chaos is real. Each day, you play multiple roles.

You’re both the nurturer and the provider; you’re working for and working with everyone; you hustle with time to make the best of every moment; you are striving to find the balance and often feel that you are losing your mind, peace and sanity along the way.  

Your crazy hectic days and digital lives control you.  Jam-packed schedules rob you of the ability to prepare well-balanced and nutritious meals, leading to a void of traditional family dinners where you can share family values, traditions and build memories.  As a result, our kids suffer both physically and mentally. Families need to slow down and focus on living a holistic life, and this can start in the kitchen.

It’s time to Stop. Pause. Recharge

Kitchen is where the heart is; a well-cooked meal satisfies and energizes you and your family. Helps maintain a good gut health which leads to a more clear and balanced state of mind.

Yogic philosophy also says that a wise man is described as someone who knows exactly when to stop eating, respects his body, balances his emotions, controls and regulates the various conditions of the mind, and works constantly on upgrading his spiritual intelligence.

You can be that wise person!  You can stay calm, focused, and in-line with yourself and your inner environment. Humans are the most advanced living species alive today. All you need to do is to  learn to live in sync with our inner soul and external environment.

Preserving the dying art of cooking and kitchen gardening… This can inspire the future generations to eat real and whole foods which will help them to take care of nature and its current conditions.

It’s our responsibility to bring traditional values to the future generations by using ingredients and recipes that are lost in time. Take shortcuts to fuse the recipe, but don’t forget them forever.

Here is a quick energizing bowl that can be put together within a few minutes. It’s wholesome and real. Add or minus ingredients as per your taste. Think about how you can add your families favorite flavors and ingredients to this bowl.



1 cup hung curd or greek yogurt**
1 peach
1 apple
1 avocado
1 banana
3-4  basil leaves
Handful of grapes
1 tbsp honey or maple syrup
Pink Salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

How to

In a mixing bowl hand beat the yogurt to a smooth consistency.
Wash, peel and cut the fruits and veggies into chunks.
Tear the basil leaves roughly by hand.
In the yogurt bowl add the cut fruits and veggies.
Now add the honey and mix well with a light hand.
Garnish with washed, and hand torn basil leaves.
** if you have dairy allergies at home try using soy yogurt or even almond yogurt which tastes absolutely phenomenal in this recipe.


To garnish you can add soaked and peeled almonds, walnuts, pistachio, sunflower seeds, raisins pine nuts to make it more wholesome.


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Roma Bajaj Kohli